Web Text Game

In a previous project, you created a game with a textual user interface.

In this project, you will make a version of that program that runs inside a web page... but it still has a text UI.


/ 182 Main St.                                             \
| You are standing on Main Street between Church and South |
| Winooski.                                                |
| There is a door here. A keypad sits on the handle.       |
| On the door is a handwritten sign.                       |
|                                                          |
|                                                          |

What would you like to do?
 ________________________________________________   _______
| open door                                      | / Do it \
\________________________________________________/ \_______/


  • Make a git branch for your new program (git checkout -b web-ui)
  • Make lots of commits on this branch! Any time your program is stable, and especially once you add a feature, run git add . ; git commit -m "text displays in text box" or whatever
  • Feel free to "revert" (git checkout .) if you get lost or introduce a bug halfway through a feature; starting over from the last checkin is often easier than fixing the bug
  • You will want to refactor your program to separate the input and output from the validation and logic, then replace the I/O with web-UI-aware code. See below for example.

Refactoring I/O Example

For example, if your code looks like this:

process.stdin.on('data', (chunk) => {
    let input = chunk.toString();
    if (input === 'open door') {
        console.log('The door is locked.');

Then first change it to this:


function listenForCommand() {
    process.stdin.on('data', (chunk) => {
        let input = chunk.toString();

function processCommand(input) {
    input = input.trim();
    if (input === 'open door') {
        outputMessage('The door is locked.');

function outputMessage(message) {

Then run it from the command line to make sure you didn't break anything during this step. Do a git commit after this, as a checkpoint.

Then, one at a time, rewrite outputMessage and listenForCommand so they work with your Web UI instead of the NodeJS stdin/stdout/console streams.

Tip: in the above example, you could call the function processCommand(input) directly from your text entry button click event handler, passing in the value of the text field as input.