This is a self-assessment of your progress throughout the course thus far.

It is not meant to be stressful.

This is to show both the teachers and yourself areas that you could use support and/or improvement on, as well as clarify your strengths throughout this course.

After you complete this, you will pair up with another student and discuss each other's self-assessment in each category. Take the opportunity to dig in to your partner's answers and find the reasons and examples behind their rating (high or low) and encourage them to change the rating up or down accordingly. (If you are unsure about how to start the conversation, consider playing the Five Whys game.)

Later you will also meet with at least two instructors for a half hour to talk about your self assessment, and figure out how we can best support you in the areas you'd like to improve on throughout the second half of the course.

You have final say over your own scores throughout this process. Remember that the numbers are just a starting point for a few conversations, and the numbers may change during each conversation.


  • 10 min - solo self-assessment
  • 10 min - pair assessment (A helps B)
  • 10 min - pair assessment (B helps A)


Please assign yourself a score between 1-4 for the following:

Technical Skill

  • 4: You feel comfortable teaching the majority of course concepts to your pair partner
  • 3: You have a general understanding of most course concepts
  • 2: You can accomplish most tasks with the assistance of your pair partner or you get stuck
  • 1: You feel like you have forgotten most of each topic we cover

Individual Work

  • 4: You push yourself to learn more beyond the concepts covered by each lecture
  • 3: You learn most of each concept covered by each lecture
  • 2: You struggle to keep up with many of the lectures
  • 1: You feel lost during most lectures

Pair Programming

  • 4: Your partners often thank you for helping them past specific problems
  • 3: You are a solid pair partner and feel comfortable working with the majority of students in the class
  • 2: Pair programming is uncomfortable for you and you dislike the pairing process
  • 1: Pair programming feels unproductive for you and you wish you could be doing something different


  • 4: You regularly complete all required stories and implement additional features for most projects
  • 3: You regularly complete all required stories although you often don't implement icebox features
  • 2: Your pair partner often solves the problems and you feel like you’re just along for the ride
  • 1: You struggle to get close to completing most projects on a regular basis

Career Development

  • 4: You are confident that you’ll get a coding job soon & are comfortable with the career topics the course has covered
  • 3: Your career readiness is now at a point where you think you can get a coding job
  • 2: You feel like you are lost and it’s nerve-wracking to think about getting a job after this course
  • 1: You are confident that you will be unable to get a job after the course

Community Participation

  • 4: You participate often in extracurricular activities like meetups and study sessions
  • 3: You enjoy spending time in the classroom or with your peers during breaks or when possible
  • 2: You tend to take time to yourself more often than engaging with the people around you
  • 1: You avoid interacting with the people around you when possible, preferring to spend time alone