Remote Pairing

For this project you will find another person to pair with within programmer communities.

There are several communities that you can use to find pairs within.


Install Tech for Video/Voice/Screen Sharing

  • You will need at a minimum one of the video & screen share options such as Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype.
  • Optionally you can install an editor extension to allow for collaboration within the editor for two people at once such as VSCode's Liveshare.

Find a Pair

Use one of the communities listed above in the description to find a pair or mentor who is willing to work on the project you are developing.

  • Agile Ventures

    1. Create an account at Agile Ventures Sign Up
    2. Sign up for the Agile Ventures Slack group
    3. Review the projects and join if you are interested
    4. Ask if anyone is interested in pairing with you on a personal or Agile Ventures project
  • Reactiflux

    1. Sign up for Discord and optionally install their desktop application at Discord
    2. Sign up for the Reactiflux Discord Group at Reactiflux Sign Up
    3. Introduce yourself within the #introductions chanel
    4. Ask if anyone is willing to pair on a project within the #need-help channel
  • Code Together Reddit

    1. Sign up for a Reddit account at Sign up
    2. Subscribe to the CodeTogether Sub-reddit
    3. Introduce yourself and your project in a new post and describe the help you are looking for
    4. Be open to accepting help and using the tools that your pair may be familiar with

Schedule a Time

  1. Introduce yourself to the community
  2. Explain that you are a beginner and are looking for some help working on one of your projects
  3. Ask whether anyone would like to help you for an hour or so.
  4. Either invite the person who agrees to help you using a calender invitation, or just start if they are ready.

Work on a Suggested Project

  1. Pick one of the projects from the BTVCA curriculum if you can.
  2. If you have finished your assignments or are in between projects see if your pair has a project to work on.
  3. Have a plan of what you want to achieve in the pair programming session. Have an end in mind.

Write About How It Went

  1. Take notes during or directly after your pairing session.
  2. Compile those rough notes along with your thoughts after the session has completed.
  3. Think about what things went well during the pairing session. What things didn't go well or felt awkward?
  4. If you could do things differently what would they be?

Present Your Conclusions

  1. Write your conclusions from the session into a cohesive narrative, as though you were telling a story.
  2. Prepare a presentation to give to the other students about the pair programming session.
  3. Meet with an instructor to schedule a time to give your presentation.


Voice & Video Sharing

Some or all of the video conference tools below to share your webcam and microphone with your pair. These tools also have the ability to share your screen, see the instructions below for that.

Screen Sharing

VS Code Extension (Optional)

VS Code Live Share is an extension in beta where two programmers can share their editor windows in real time. You will need to sign up for the service as an "early access user" since it is in limited preview.

There is a third-party extension for VS Code which facilitates syncronizing two remote editors. This extension may be buggy due to it being fairly new. Your mileage may vary.

Atom Teletype Extension (Optional)

If you really feel like you want a built in editor sharing solution and your pair already uses the Atom editor, you can install Atom and the extension to provide real time collaboration here.

Additional Resources & Advice