Peer-to-peer code review

By now you should be familiar with the concepts of code review.

Pair programming is a form of code review; in addition to that, this project is about seeking out other people on your team to give feedback on your code from someone who didn't write it and may not be aware of the conversations and design decisions you made during pairing.


  1. Write some code. This will be part of another project, or your capstone or independent work.
  2. Find someone to review it.
    • In person is best, but you could also ask on Slack for an asynchronous GitHub review.
    • If in person / synchronous, there will be conversation; please summarize the review points and responses on GitHub, so instructors can review your review.
  3. Make a mark on the Code Review board: "AC reviewed by JB".
  4. Reciprocate: the reviewer finds some code of their own and the reviewee reviews it. (This can happen later in the week, but don't forget!)

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