GitHub Emoji

GitHub supports emoji inside commit messages and pull request comments.

Their list of emoji is long (currently 1500+) and they sometimes add emoji to this list, so instead of using a static web page to list them, they added an endpoint to their API that lists them all in a giant hash.

Check it out here:


GitHub Emoji

[___________] [Filter]

[OoO] :cloud_with_snow:
[:-)] :clown_face:


  • AJAX
  • Iteration


One Big List

Given the user visits the homepage of your app

When the page is loaded,

Then the app should fetch the list of emoji from GitHub,

And the user should see all emoji in a long list

Filter By Name

When the user enters a word into the "Filter" text field

Then the list should show only those emoji whose names contain that word

Other Considerations: if the list is immediately updated after every keypress, then it might cause performance problems or visual stutter. One way to limit this is to use a cooldown timer so that the filtering action only happens a second or so after the user presses a key, to allow for many keypresses in a row without interruption.