Local Exercism Clone

Exercism.io is a web site and command-line tool for learning to program. It is a great way to get help from people far away.

For this course, we have made a custom fork of Exercism and modified it to work locally.

  1. Visit https://github.com/BurlingtonCodeAcademy/exercism-javascript and click the green "Clone or Download" button
  2. Copy that Git URL; it should be something like [email protected]:BurlingtonCodeAcademy/exercism-javascript.git
  3. Open your local Terminal program and visit your code directory
  4. Clone the repo by running git clone [email protected]:BurlingtonCodeAcademy/exercism-javascript.git (or "git clone" and paste)
  5. cd exercism-javascript
  6. Install node packages with npm install
  7. Run a local server with node .
  8. Visit http://localhost:5000 for more instructions!
  9. Open a new Terminal tab or window (since the current one is running your local node server)
  10. Do as many exercises (in order!) as you can