Proper HTML5 Web Page Structure

Let's build a web page! Remember how we discussed semantic HTML? Well in modern day HTML, there are a number of elements that help to semantically structure and lay out the content on your website. Lets begin with looking at the graphic below.

Image of HTML5 page structure

What To Know About These Tags

  • Not all of these elements have to be used.
  • Each is meant to contain a specific type of content. In fact, you do not need to use any of these. They help screen readers and search engines to determine the structure of your website, and help to achieve higher SEO rankings. You could simply replace all of these HTML5 tags with <div> tags
  • Using these tags will not automatically layout your page as shown in the previous image. They simply help to describe what the content is on your website. Browsers render them all the same as a <div> element.