Lab: Age Calculator

Write a function that calculates the number of seconds old you are when given your age

let age = 27

function ageCalc (num) {
  //Your code goes here

ageCalc(age) // should print "You are 852055200 seconds old." to the console

How could we use ARGV to make this more modular?

Flip it around!

Can you write the inverse function; one that takes a number of seconds and tells you the exact age?

You can get the current date by calling which will give you a time in milliseconds, and the date you were born by createing a new Date object. You can then figure out the time that's elapsed in milliseconds by subtracting the date you were born from the current date

  let date = new Date(1992, 05, 12, 3, 14) //new Date(year, month, day, hour, minute)
  let ageInMilliSec = - date


Here's one solution for the age calculator:

let age = 27

function ageCalc(num) {
  let secondsInMin = 60
  let minInHour = 60
  let hrInDay = 24
  let dayInYr = 365.25

  let secInYr = secondsInMin * minInHour * hrInDay * dayInYr

  let ageInSec = num * secInYr

  return ageInSec


To flip it you could simply divide the num variable by secInYr rather than multiplying to get years in a number of seconds.

Functional Labs

Try to solve the following labs by writing a function which returns output(s) given input(s)

For Example

Write a function that:

  • accepts a number as input
  • returns the input number plus the number positive one
addOne(1)   // => 2
addOne(2)   // => 3
addOne(41)  // => 42
addOne(-2)  // => -1
addOne(-43) // => -42

Supply Calculator - Functional Labs

Write a function that:

  • accepts three arguments, a starting age, an amount per day, and an item name
  • calculates the amount of items used over the course of the rest of your life
    • based on a 100 year constant max age
  • Outputs "You will need Number Items to last the rest of your life." e.g.
supplyCal(20, 3, "cookie") // => "You will need 87600 cookies to last the rest of your life"
supplyCal(99, 3, "cookie") // => "You will need 1095 cookies to last the rest of your life"
supplyCal(0, 3, "cookie") // => "You will need 109500 cookies to last the rest of your life"

Supply Calculator inspired by the Lifetime Supply Calculator lab designed for the Girl Develope It! curriculum. The original can be found here

Supply Calculator Solution

function supplyCalc(age, amountPerDay, item) {
  let amountPerYear = amountPerDay * 365
  let numberOfYears = 100 - age
  let totalNeeded = amountperYear * numberOfYears

  let message = "You will need" + totalNeeded + " " + item + "s to last the rest of your life"

Titleize - Functional Labs

Write a function that:

  • accepts a string as an argument
  • splits apart the words in the string
  • capitalizes each word
  • returns a string with the first letter of each word capitalized e.g.
titilize("all dogs are good dogs") // => "All Dogs Are Good Dogs"
titilize("eveRY green bus drives fAst") // => "Every Green Bus Drives Fast"
titilize("FRIDAY IS THE LONGEST DAY") // => "Friday Is The Longest Day"

Titilize solution

function titilize(string){
  let wordArray = string.split(" ")
  let newArray ={
    return word[0].toUpperCase() + word.slice(1).toLowerCase()

  return newArray.join(" ")

MadLibs - Functional Labs

Write a function that:

  • accepts 3 arguments, the subject (noun), action (verb), and direct object (noun)
  • outputs a message saying " noun verbed the noun!" e.g.
madLib('Bill', 'jump', 'dog') // => "Bill jumped the dog!"
  • Bonus: sanatize your inputs so the first word is always capitalized, and the other two words are always lowercase.

  • Double Extra Bonus: Expand this to a whole madlib story, not just a single sentence.

MadLibs solution

function madLib(noun, verb, directObject) {
  return noun + " " + verb + "ed the " + directObject + "!"